Car Insurance: Expect a rush on a broken windshield

The sharp decline in global glass production capacity, due to Covid-19, the rising cost of restarting production units and the rising energy prices, a major component of the cost of silica (SiO2) transformation, are causing the price of glass in the international market to explode.

According to Tariq Al-Khater, the technical legal expert in the automotive sector, director of the specialized Amgar company, “This increase will have an impact on the price of auto glass, and therefore we will witness an influx in the coming days. Participants in the insurance company’s glass breakage guarantee.” Because, he says, “repair in the event of a claim would be a good deal.” Remember that glass breakage can occur after an act of vandalism, impact, or bumping into stones.

In connection with this, car insurance provides a glass break guarantee in order to protect the subscriber from these risks. Unlike theft and fire, the glass breakage guarantee is not always the main one. It can be an optional guarantee that the subscriber will pay additionally, according to his needs. Valid for all glass parts of the car, namely the windshield, side windows, rear window, sunroof, mirrors and headlights.

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