Music from the 2022 Bee Insurance Announcement

Abeille Assurance publishes its new advertising campaign on our screens after changing its name. The music in the ad is Cœur de Pirate titled “like kids”.

Advertising campaign to secure bees for the year 2022

The right to declare bee insurance “Give wings to your future”. It starts in a family home that has just moved. It is like poetry, quenched over time. At first we see a little girl falling from a box, followed by carriers. She decides to go to discover her new home and finds herself in the garden. The latter looks sad, because it is clearly not preserved for a long time. In the corner, the girl finds a shovel. So you decided to take up gardening and would plant the seeds in small pots. After that, she transfers them to the garden soil and takes good care of them. You go to buy a watering can and water it day in and day out. Plants begin to grow. Unfortunately, cold and bad weather reduced his efforts to nothing.

Far from being discouraged, the girl indulged in reading gardening books. She finds tricks to save her garden. It’s about getting a bee in there. So you go into a field and take a bee in a jar and then release it at home. Little by little, the little garden is taking shape with its beautiful flowers that are clearly growing. His father comes out of the house and is surprised to see the new face of his garden, which was lifeless before and is now blooming beautifully.

What is the music of the Abeille Assurances ad?

For her new commercial after changing her name, bee insurance Choose a piece of Pirate heart. this is the address “like kids” Excerpt from the pop album of the artist’s name and released in the format 2008. The song was nominated that same year for the NRJ Music Award in the Francophone Song of the Year category. It has also been used and remixed by Disneyland Paris to appear in its advertisements. Cœur de Pirate has also composed the music for the video game child of light studios Ubisoft.

pirate heart Real name Beatrice Martin is a singer, songwriter, pianist and pianist from Quebec, Canada. Since the release of her debut album in 2008, the new style of young women has been seduced. She will produce the soundtrack for the hit Canadian series shock Then go on a tour. Cœur de Pirate was part of the armistice group with Guy Malinowski who was his companion.

Abiel Affirmations, to give wings to your future

Abeille Assurances ad titled Give wings to your future. Made byAltman + Bakero Agency It aims to expand the reputation of the insurance company formerly known as Aviva. In her new vision, Abeille Assurance wishes to reassure French people anxious about their future in light of the many upheavals we are currently experiencing. bee insurance offers home insurancesubordinate car insurancesubordinate funeral insuranceHealth, well-being, but also savings.

In terms of health, economic, environmental and geopolitical crises, the company is trying to position itself as a leader that everyone can trust. Abeille Assurance’s desire is to provide its clients with all the necessary means to deal in case of difficulty. Above all, have to trust the future again.

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