This trick is to reduce the costs of insurance on your car or motorcycle


Hard to end the month with accounts in green? Have you thought of Re-negotiate your various insurance contracts ? In fact, all these contracts (car, house, etc.) can represent a few thousand euros per year! One piece of advice is to terminate useless contracts and Renegotiate basic insurance. And one of the compulsory insurances is car/motorcycle insurance, even if the vehicle is not working! Let’s take a look at the solution to reduce the costs of this basic insurance.

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Choose an extended car/motorcycle insurance plan

To save money, it is important to look for it Optional warranties And choose the insurance at the best price. If you’re in that perspective, consider getting a third-party car insurance. On the other hand, it’s the least complete formula, yet the least expensive.

Feel free to check the price difference with Extended thirds formula Which can protect you a little better with wider coverage. Because for the first formula, you are insured against claims made to third parties, but not to yourself. So it is better to choose an extended version. The same goes for your Motorcycle insurance.

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Comprehensive insurance generally costs more. However, you will have better protection if you file a claim. So you have to Finding the right balance between the cost of insurance and the level of protection to reduce costs. Just because getting the cheapest insurance on the market doesn’t mean you won’t incur costs in the event of a claim. By comparing contracts, you may find a competitive insurance company to choose a better formula at a premium rate. Don’t forget to check Conditions of compensation stipulated in the contractas well as insurance limits in order to make the right choice of insurance.

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