Electric car battery: Manufacturers race for raw materials

In the fight against global warming, electric cars play a major role. Recognizing this problem, car manufacturers are investing heavily in their technologies. They are thus doubling their partnerships with operators and suppliers of raw materials for battery production. The idea is to make sure that the supply of these precious resources is sufficient enough to meet the needs of manufacturers in the coming years.

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The race for partnerships is in full swing

Recently, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz signed an agreement with the Canadian government to They became shareholders in local mines thus securing their own supply chains of cobalt, graphite, nickel and lithium.

It was overtaken by Stellantis, which had acquired stakes in Vulcan and controlled thermal resources for lithium production, and General Motors, which had teamed up with Livent Corp (lithium) and Glencore (cobalt).

Ford, Toyota and Renault are not left out. It must be said that these major manufacturers followed in the footsteps of Tesla, which was able to anticipate the critical needs of the market. So the American company works directly with Twelve suppliers of lithium, cobalt and nickel to the four corners of the world.

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Unprecedented approach

For the auto industry, shortages in semiconductors and tensions over metallic raw materials in recent years have changed the rules of the game. She would not have imagined a decade ago that she would have to engage in securing resources and partly free herself from suppliers.

Important Through these multiple partnerships, car manufacturers intend to control extraction volumes and sustainable operating methods.

But in this rush to critical metals, they have to compete with cathode cell and battery manufacturers who do not hesitate to get their hands on their wallets to establish themselves in the market.

Such is the case with Korean battery manufacturer LG Energy Solutions. The latter has concluded an agreement with Indonesian partners to exploit the mines and build nickel processing units.

While some manufacturers have already progressed well in the process of ensuring access to raw materials, others are still exploring the possibilities.

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