Practice insurance. Your registration has been cancelled…any insurance for malus?


If you do not have a record when entering into an insurance contract, then the bonus coefficient is set at 1 and revised every year. A year without a responsible accident, the coefficient drops below 1, but a responsible accident will punish you. The coefficient has a direct impact on your annual premium. The penalty is increased by 12.5% ​​if partial liability is found for the loss and by 25% if you are found to be fully liable. When responsible accidents occur, you become a risk profile for your insurance company. Which will lead her to refuse to insure you.

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If accidents accumulate, your annual premium will rise sharply and the penalty may be as high as 350%, which is 3.5 times the base price of your annuity. Due to your background, your file is registered in the national database of AGIRA (Association for Risk Information Management in insurance), which allows all insurance companies to obtain information about the insured, before deciding whether or not to validate the membership of the insured in the future. In case of refusal, there are several solutions.

specialist insurance

Several companies have specialized in driver injury insurance. It is clear that the annual bonus no longer has anything to do with rewarding a good driver; Additional premium is required but you can still choose between basic civil liability insurance, extended third party insurance and even “all risk” or even mileage insurance; It all depends on your wallet, but you are not deprived of anything. Remember that since 1958, all vehicles must be insured, even if they are not in service.

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Some people refuse to contact malussés insurance companies. They are therefore obligated to make their case to traditional insurance companies. By virtue of their refusal, they can take over the Central Pricing Bureau (BCT). This government body aims to intervene with companies to provide insurance. You must enter BCT within a maximum period of 15 days after receiving 2e Refusal by informing him of the choice of car insurance, the required insurance formula and the guarantees chosen. The insurance company is obligated to accept the contract, but it is the Central Bank of Tunisia that determines the amount of the premium. The customer can expect a high price.

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