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Gasoline, insurance, maintenance … the budgets of motorists are constantly increasing. And it’s not Yespark that will cheer you up. According to the latest barometer published by this parking rental company, the price of parking has increased by 4% this year, standing at an average of €61 per month per car. But prices can almost double in large cities. This is especially the case in Paris and Nice where the average price exceeds 100 euros per month. To find the best prices, it’s best to live in Saint-Etienne, Dijon or Le Mans, according to a Yespark study.

If an electric vehicle seems like a money-saving solution, the cost of these vehicles is a brake on many motorists. MG Motor wants to change that. The Chinese manufacturer is preparing to launch a new model in France – the MG4 Electric – with unbeatable prices. At a price of 23,000 euros less than the basic version (the eco-bonus is deducted), it is offered, for example, at more than 8,000 euros less than the Renault Mégane E-Tech, while providing better autonomy.

In this JT Auto we will also talk about Ferrari, which has just lifted the veil on a new model for the brand: the four-door and all-wheel drive crossover, the Purosangue. But let Ferrari fans rest assured, the naturally aspirated V12 is still there. Despite the price tag of about 400 thousand euros, the order books for this car are already full …

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