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1 . agoVerse January 2016 and Pinel’s Law, the auto-entrepreneur status merged with the micro-entrepreneur status. Thus, from now on, we are only talking about small projects in France. Although it is not a legal situation in the strict sense of the word, a small project requires respect for certain stages during its creation. Intended for individual entrepreneurs (EI), this form of company with a simplified tax system has the same simple procedures, the aim of which is to promote the creation and acquisition of companies in France. What are the main stages in creating a small business? Overview.

Localization of companies and services for the businessman

Step 1: Announce your startup

Small project creation simplified on the national territory. Thus, the procedures Conduct directly online, on the dedicated URSSAF website :

Thus, with a few clicks, an entrepreneur can Advertise your activity or complete a P0/M0 form to start a small business.

This statement aims to Social and tax administration notification Beginning of your professional activity as a self-employed person.

Hence, it is about conveying the following information:

  • full identity of the businessman;
  • Correspondence address (administrative, tax and legal) or registered office;
  • professional address if there is one or place of activity;
  • Activity type
  • choose a tax system;
  • Choose a social system.

Step Two: Localize Your Small Business

The stage of localization of the company is important. In fact, it is Choose the registered office of the company It is created, i.e. the postal (physical) address at which the entrepreneur will receive his official correspondence. It is also a choice that affects Jurisdiction that the professional adheres to, as well tax collection from the settlement municipality.

An individual entrepreneur can choose to localize his business at home, provided that he respects certain rules:

  • be the owner or tenant of their main home;
  • Obtaining the permission of the lessor (provided in the lease agreement);
  • Do not violate the co-ownership agreement;
  • Respect the rules of urban planning.

Also, if you welcome clients at home or out of stock, Be sure to notify the city council And get their approval (unless you’re on the ground floor). This will be especially the case for business people who live in municipalities with a population of more than 200,000 or in Val-de-Marne (94), Seine-Saint-Denis (93) or Hauts-de-Seine (92).

Generally, small business owners choose their home as their headquarters when they start their business For economics and practicality. On the other hand, he can resort to other solutions like Emiratisation in business incubators, co-working spaces, commercial buildings, or within the settlement company.

Step 3: Register your company

Small business registration is an administrative procedure that is carried out from the very first moments by self contractor. It is a matter of registering their activity in the Register of Commerce and Companies (RCS) or the Directory of Professions (RM).

Depending on the activity of the company, the institution to be notified will not be the same, but URSSAF takes care of it automatically During the procedures that are performed online, after filling out the form P0 (natural person) or M0 (legal person).

Registering with RCS Concerns Craft or commercial activities and managed by the Commercial Court Registry. The entrepreneur then receives a K extract, his corporate identity card, stating his number Siret And the Monkey. This number should appear in all official media.

Register with RM . Concerns Craftsmen and craftsmen activities, mainly and managed by the Chamber of Professions and Crafts. The professional also receives a K extract.

Step 4: Make sure you are active

This is a commitment to craft activities. Use the name RC PRO, professional insurance, necessary to carry out its activities in complete safety. This surrounds the civil liability guarantee, to Covering the damage a manager or small business could potentially cause to others. It is also possible to subscribe to multi-risk insurance, to protect against natural disasters, fire, equipment theft and others. If the entrepreneur owns a company car, then he should choose professional insurance in this context to protect him on the road, in the exercise of his activity.

Step 5: Manage your accounts

The accounting management of small enterprises is to a large extent Simplified by Benell’s Law. Small business owners are not required to keep books of accounts, to produce the annual balance sheet. However, like any professional activity, the micro-entrepreneur must Justify all banking transactions related to its activity! So he must keep a diary of receipts up to date, in chronological order and, depending on his activity, a record of purchases.

The recipe book should include the following information: Amount and origin of cash receipts, method of payment and references to supporting documents.

The owner of a small business is strongly advised to be strict in keeping his accounts from the first moments in order to simplify the process when his company is developing and he will have to change the legal situation.

Also, although it is not mandatory to have a professional bank account for small businesses, it is highly recommended that you have an account entirely dedicated to professional activity. Indeed, this facilitates the management of bank movements and allows more clarity about the contributions that will be paid (generally with a delay of one month) on the URSSAF website.

Creating a small project only takes a few minutes. The key is the entrepreneur’s ability to offer his services and test his professional activity. It is interesting to start a small business, which is a simplified scheme for encouraging business creation and acquisition in France and promoting entrepreneurship.

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