Do women pay less for car insurance than men?


Car insurance is compulsory for all drivers, whether they are men or women. However, contract terms and prices may vary according to the subscriber’s profile. In this sense, the observations seem to show that women and men are not in the same boat.

A phenomenon that may be folklore, but it is nevertheless a reality. So the question arises, do women drivers pay less for their insurance?

A fact confirmed by the statistics

According to the analysis of many contracts at the level of different companies, women are more likely to pay less for their work. car insurance. It’s a fact, then, because the premiums female clients have had to pay have fallen significantly in recent years, compared to those of their male counterparts.

Then the numbers talk about savings of up to 20% in some brands. On the other hand, Discounts are also subject to an exceptional discount (minus 50%). Young female drivers can also be exempted from the surcharge.

What are the reasons for this difference?

You should know that an insurance contract is often unique to each individual. Insurance companies use risk-based calculation models to determine the amount of premiums to be paid and those for the deductible.

Therefore, according to many actual statistics, women are more likely to cause fewer traffic accidents than men, despite a number of cliches that might say otherwise. This can also be explained by the fact that it rolls much less. Important factors that then explain the advantages that female drivers get.

How do you choose the right insurance company?

In general, therefore, women are really preferred by insurance companies, even if in theory a person’s gender is not a valid criterion to take into account. However, the driver should always be careful to choose his cover well. For this, excavation will be very important. You should compare the maximum number of offers so that you do not miss the best prices. Using a broker can help a lot as well.

Tips for more savings

Although women have a good reward ratio, it is important to continue treating them as much as possible. It is clear that it is recommended to avoid trespassing and to be careful on the road so that you do not get bumps in the event of an accident.

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