Immigration To Quebec

The present news concerns just the people who are interested in immigration to Quebec. On March 28, the Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion Québec (MIDI) issued another bundle of legal provisions relating to the Quebec provincial immigration programs. A portion of these provisions are of an impermanent sort, while others can be attributed to essential changes.

Thus, every one of the people who are rigidly waiting for the opening of another cycle to submit their applications for the program of Quebec Skilled Workers, promised toward the finish of March, can, tragically, suffocate their distresses in wine (or a more grounded drink).

A similar applies to those wishing to immigrate through the creation of their own business in Quebec.

The Ministry announced that all economic projects will be suspended from April 1 to August 15, 2018, with the exception of Quebec Experience program and those skilled laborers (or understudies) who are as of now in Quebec and pass past the share.

Despite the way that the program is frozen until mid-August, the accompanying communique expresses that the claimed portion for 5 000 new candidates for the program of Quebec Skilled Workers in 2018 will not be acknowledged by any means.

The main motivation behind why the public authority suspends the acknowledgment of applications is an immense number of non-examined applications that have been submitted during the previous five years.

Here are the specific figures: the overabundance of the Ministry as of January 1, 2018 for processing applications from qualified laborers was 26 607 applications and from investors – 2 409 applications. Simply imagine a line of millionaires who wait for quite some time when they are permitted finally invest their cash in the economy of Quebec!

Simultaneously, the Quebec Experience program has bloomed with a wide range of indulgences and improvements. Here are the most basic of them:

From this point forward, all categories of laborers (0, A, B, C and D will be eligible for the PEQ) will be acknowledged for the Temporary Foreign Worker program;
Applicants who have an open work visa through a companion’s visa will presently be eligible to apply under the PEQ – this change is simply revolutionary. It opens up a ton of additional opportunities for couples who are now in Quebec and have their work and understudy visas.
Coincidentally, there are no progressions in the degree of information on the French language – the minimum required level remains B2.

There have been changes in the Investor program: if earlier with a capital of $ 1 600 000 it was required to invest $ 800 000, presently the rates have increased: the minimum capital level is $ 2 000 000 with a minimum investment level of $ 1 200 000.

The public authority intends to do change in the following business programs: Entrepreneur and Self-Employed.

Additionally, the ratios of the Stay in Quebec and Validated Job Offer in the Quebec Skilled Workers program will be reconsidered. It’s entirely likely that the refreshed criteria will be better (applicants will receive more points).

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